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The Story Behind The Crowder ATP Watch

Vintage WW2 Era Photograph Of Two Men Sitting In A Classic Military Car Wearing Army Berets James Rea's Grandfather, Frank Crowder, To The Right

My Grandfather, Frank Crowder (Right)

During World War Two, my grandfather, Frank Crowder, was issued an Army Time Piece as he set out to serve for Britain.
Many years down the line I was lucky enough to inherit his watch. 

I loved that his watch had a unique style compared to modern watch design and that the materials had much more character. The watch had a classic but minimal style, since it was a utility piece issued to all troops.

Vintage WW2 Era ATP Timor British Army Issue Watch That James Inherited From His Grandfather

The Watch I Inherited From My Grandfather

The materials of his watch were made to last and their appearance had altered slightly over time, portraying the personal individual history of my grandfather.

I am second generation in a family specialising in Jewellery and Watchmaking, and have been learning traditional skills from a young age.

James Rea, Watchmaker & Jeweller, Wearing Apron In His Traditional Vintage British Family Jewellery Workshop

Me In Our Family Jewellery Workshop

I have been inspired by my own experience of traditional craftsmanship, and by my grandfather's watch, to create a modern timepiece with that same classic style, making use of high quality materials from a bygone era.

In tribute to my grandfather, it is called the Crowder ATP Watch.

The watches take inspiration from my grandfather's original piece, keeping as true as possible to the original military grade spec. They pair vintage style with modern elements for added reliability.   


What makes the Crowder ATP Watch different?  

  • Vintage Style Solid Brass Case
  • Vintage Style Dial With Luminosity
  • Vintage Style Domed Acrylic Glass
  • Screw Down Stainless Steel Case Back
  • Swiss Ronda 1069 Quartz Movement
  • Nylon / Cut Side Calf Leather Nato Style Straps


 Vintage Style Solid Brass Case

The Crowder ATP Watch features a heavy duty brass case. Brass, the material used for my grandfather's watch, is a more traditional case alloy than stainless steel.

In the same way that my grandfather's watch changed over time, over many years of wear the brass will develop a wonderful patina, giving the watch a look that is unique to you.

The case design is completely exclusive to Crowder, with us having our own machinery made to produce the cases. It has a sleek, curved appearance, which gives your watch a classic vintage style.

The case measures 35mm in diameter which is a classic gentleman's size. It is big enough to be easy to read without being showy or bulky. The Crowder ATP Watch looks comfortable and stylish on both men and women.

Vintage Style Dial

The watch has a vintage style dial with easy to read numbered hour markers and the Crowder logo just below 12 o'clock.

The base for the dial is again brass, not paper as many modern watches use, allowing it to withstand changes in temperature without degrading.

The watch also has a second hand above 6 o'clock, which is a classic style feature.   


Luminosity On Watch Dial Glow In The Dark Hands & Hour Markers

In addition, the dial features a luminous compound, allowing you to read the time in the dark after the compound has been charged under a bright light.

Vintage Style Domed Acrylic Glass

Vintage Style Domed Acrylic Watch Glasses In Military Style Watch

The Crowder ATP Watch has a domed acrylic glass, which gives it a traditional vintage style.

The reason acrylic glasses were used for military time pieces is that they are extremely durable. Other glasses can easily shatter or become scratched, ruining the entire piece.

The acrylic glass in The Crowder ATP Watch is highly shatter resistant and light scratching can easily be polished away.

Screw Down Stainless Steel Case Back

The Crowder ATP Watch has a screw down stainless steel case back, preventing dust or water from getting in to the back of your watch. It is 3 ATM Water Resistant

Swiss Ronda 1069 Quartz Movement

For the movement I have chosen a quartz movement from Ronda, one of Switzerland's top movement makers. I chose a quartz movement to give the watch the best possible mixture of reliability and affordability.

The movement is made from quality Swiss Components, making your watch extremely reliable.

It is also very low maintenance, only requiring a battery around once every two years.

Nylon / Cut Side Calf Leather Nato Style Straps


For the straps you have a choice between nylon or leather 18mm wide NATO style straps.    

The leather is real, quality, cut side calf leather. It is very soft and comfortable on your wrist. The buckles on the Crowder ATP watch strap have a vintage curved appearance to match the case of your watch.

The straps are adjustable and are designed to fit most wrist sizes.

The watch has sprung pins so you can customise the watch with any 18mm wide strap should you so wish.


Presentation Case

Crowder ATP Watch Presentation Case Based On A WW2 Ration Tin

Your Crowder ATP watch will come complete with your own presentation case based on World War Two ration tins, and includes a guarantee card based on World War Two ration cards. The watch is also protected by a 2 year warranty against manufacture defects.   

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